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Louise's Change in Role

Date Added: 22/10/18

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The Truth about Opioids

  • If you are regularly opiate medication (eg codeine, tramadol, morphine), we would recommend that you click here to see Dr Emma Watts explaining the potential problems and solutions surrounding them.

  • These medications can be very useful in some settings in the short term but can cause complications in the longer term and there are usually better alternatives in dealing with the problem.

  • If you have any questions, please get in touch via AskMyGP - we can help you.


GDPR: the law regarding access to minors' records

  • Many parents make enquiries about accessing the medical records of their children.

  • We always want to be as helpful as possible when we receive these requests but we are, of course, bound by the law regarding what we are able to do.

  • Please take a look at this video where Dr Emma Watts explains more.

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