Symptom Checker

Try this Patient UK Symptom Checker to give more information about your health problems

Exercises for joint pain

For those experiencing joint pain, rehabilitation involving exercises and stretching will help reduce pain and improve functional ability

Bowel screening

What does the national bowel screening programme involve? Find out the details here. 


How much exercise should I do? Watch this fantastic video which gives information on how much exercise to do, and what the benefits are

PSA testing

Should you have your prostate checked? Find out the full details about the PSA test

Fit Notes

If you are off work for less than a week you do not need a note from your doctor, but can self certify using the form from this government website

Behind the News

This NHS website gives you the accurate science behind the health stories written about in the newspapers

Are you a young carer?

Under the age of 18 and provide regular and on-going care or emotional support for a family member? Read for more information. 

Age UK

Everything useful to help older people live well

Veteran's Health

Ex member of the armed forces and needing help? Look at resources available from surrey county council.


What are the benefits of Vaccinations? Read for further details. 

Needing help with Mental Health?

Click here for a list of all the services and support available for a wide range of mental health problems

Self Care

Self Care is about looking after yourself in a healthy way to manage common or long term conditions. Read on for info on how to do this


Wanting to improve your sleep? Try this sleep questionnaire to find tailored suggestions to improve your sleep. 

Patient information Leaflets

Information leaflets from the Royal Surrey about various procedures and conditions

Safeguarding Adults

Concerned about a vulnerable adult? Information from the surrey safeguarding board available here to advise on what to do.