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What is SALV?

For the last 26 years SALV  - Shere and local villages - has been helping doctors provide that extra healthcare for you and your family. 

SALV exists to help protect, improve , and preserve the health of local people within the civil parish of Shere and adjoining parishes, by assisting the provision and maintenance of:

  1. Medical equipment, fittings, and furniture​

  2. Training, including the use of equipment and new technologies

  3. Other medical and Healthcare services


Why do we need SALV?

As you know, the NHS is underfunded and cannot provide all the facilities we need. However, a little help from SALV can make a considerable difference for us all.

Here are some examples of how SALV has benefited the local community:​

  • Slit lens microscope (for eye examinations)

  • 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Examination couches 

  • Dermatoscopes (skin microscopes)

  • Surgical lighting

  • ECG machines (for making heart tracings)

  • Mental Health Initiatives (offering counselling and local diagnoses)

  • Back up generator (to keep the surgery going during power cuts).

  • Ultrasound scanner​

  • Most recently the Pharmaself -a fantastic new machine that helps patients get their medications 24/7, as easily as withdrawing cash from a hole in the wall! 


Open Evenings

  • New SALV developments are reported in the local parish magazines and two open evenings are held annually - in Spring and in Autumn

  • During these, specialist speakers address topical medical subjects. Past talks have covered childhood allergies, depression, strokes, obesity and nutrition and many more.

  • Please see below for details of our most recent evening - the details of the next one will be published here when it is organised.

  • Our next one will be the Autum meeting on Wednesday 18th October 2023 at 8PM, when Dr Mike Hickman (Consultant Cardiologist) will be talking to us about "Looking after our Heart" at Shere Village Hall. Please come and join us - all are welcome!


Donating to SALV

Any donation to SALV is much appreciated.


To donate simply click here or scan the QR Code to the left which will take you directly to the SALV Justgiving page.

Thank you for your support!


Village Reps


​Each Village has a SALV representative to helps to provide a channel of communication with the trustees and the doctors.


Trustees of SALV

  • Sue Edwards (Treasurer) - Contact

  • Adrian O'Loughlin (Chairman) - Contact

  • Camilla Phillips (Secretary) - Contact

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Join the SALV Community

  • To join the SALV community simply click on and  fill in the attached form and email it to Adrian O'Loughlin at  or post it to Adrian O'Loughlin, 24 New Road, Gomshall, Surrey GU5 9LZ

  • We look forward to hearing from you!

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