What is SALV?

For the last 26 years SALV  - Shere and local villages - has been helping doctors provide that extra healthcare for you and your family

Objectives of SALV

To help protect, improve , and preserve the health of local people within the civil parish of Shere and adjoining parishes, by assisting the the provision and maintainence of:

  1. Medical equipment, fittings, and furniture​

  2. Training, including the use of equipment and new technologies

  3. Other medical and Healthcare services

Men's Health: Is it time to get my prostate checked?

8PM on 24th  February 2020

Albury Village Hall

  • Speakers: Dr McEwen, Dr Watts and Dr Wardrop

  • We aim to cover several Men's Health topics including the prostate, testosterone deficiency, erectile dysfunction as well as general lifestyle advice

  • If you have any questions that you would like to ask confidentially, please email them in to or come and see one of us. 

  • Admission is Free  - Please come and join us and find out more 

Trustees of SALV

There are eight Trustees of the charity:

Lesley Austin - Contact 

Tim Austin - Contact

Jonathan Cross - Contact

Terry Edwards - Contact

Helen Esplen - Contact

Barbara Grover - Contact

Adrian O'Loughlin (Chairman) - Contact

Pat Webb - Contact

Camilla Phillips (Secretary) - Contact

Why do we need SALV?

As you know, the NHS is underfunded and cannot provide all the facilities we need. However, a little help from SALV can make a considerable difference for us all.

Here are some examples of how SALV has benefited the local community:

  • Slit lens microscope (for eye examinations)

  • 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Examination couches 

  • Dermatoscopes (skin microscopes)

  • Surgical lighting

  • ECG machines (for making heart tracings)

  • Mental Health Initiatives (offering counselling and local diagnoses)

  • Back up generator (to keep the surgery going during power

  • Ultrasound scanner​

Open Evenings

  • New SALV developments are reported in the local parish magazines and two open evenings are held annually - in Spring and in Autumn

  • During these, specialist speakers address topical medical subjects. Past talks have covered childhood allergies, depression, strokes, obesity and nutrition and many more.

Village Representatives

​Each Village has a SALV representative to helps to provide a channel of communication with the trustees and the doctors


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