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Extended Hours Service

  • Since August 2018, the extended hours service has started. This involves the availability of appointments for routine problems at weekends and evenings (6-8pm) for patients living in the Guildford and Waverley area. 

  • There are several locations where these appointments are available for patients registered at Shere Surgery; Binscombe Medical Practice in Godalming, Merrow Park Surgery, The Villages Surgery in Snd, and Fairlands Surgery in Guildford. 

  • These appointments can be booked by contacting reception at Shere Surgery, and the receptionists will book you an appointment. 

  • These appointments are ideal for patients who are unable to take time off during the week for non urgent problems.

  • Not all services are available but you are able to book in to see either a GP or Practice Nurse. Blood tests can also be arranged if required. Records of your consultation will be added to your record at Shere Surgery so your regular GP is aware of what happened. 

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