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Mental Health resources

There is lots of help available for people struggling with their mental health. Any patient registered with Shere Surgery can self refer for counselling or CBT (click on the self referral link below). There is also a range of services for more specific support such as bereavement counselling, relationship and family therapy,  Drug and alcohol issues, specific youth counselling and developing self management skills. See below for links to these services. 
Support Groups

Self referral for talking therapies

Healthy surrey has a list of local services that can help to manage difficulties with mental health

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Wanting to improve your sleep? Try this sleep questionnaire to find tailored suggestions to improve your sleep. 

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Relationship issues?

RELATE offer relationship or family therapy with experienced counsellors to help improve your relationships with loved ones. 

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Richmond Fellowship

National mental health charity that helps recovery in a variety of ways: support, supported housing, employment support, crisis services. 


Drug or Alcohol issues?

Catalyst has 30 years experience in helping people to change and deal with issues surrounding drugs and alcohol in their lives

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Needing help with anxiety or depression?

Living life to the full is a free online interactive self-help book to help learn and practice CBT skills to prevent and manage symptoms



Regular exercise has been shown to be as effective as medication for mild to moderate depression. See this video which explains the benefits of exercise.

Holding Hands

Bereavement Counselling

CRUSE is a national charity that provides advice, info and support to anyone that has been bereaved (children, young people, Adults) whenever a death has occurred. 

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Questions about mental health?

Get advice and support on anything related to mental health at MIND. 

Holding Hands

Mental Health Crisis?

The Safe Haven is open 365 days a year from 6pm - 11pm and is staffed by mental health practitioners. Click here for more information


Self help Courses

The Recovery College aims to teach how to improve health and well being. You can enrol for free on a variety of courses designed by the local NHS mental health service.



RASASC provide advice, information and support to anyone that has survived rape or sexual abuse. 

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Kooth offers free, safe, anonymous online support for children and young adults 

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