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Coronavirus - latest Vaccination Information


Latest on COVID Guidance and Vaccinations

UPDATED 4th October 2023 

We are pleased to announce we will be able to provide Covid boosters on site, with our first clinic starting on Friday 13th October. Please note, this is strictly by appointment only and we cannot accept walk in's.


If you are eligible and/or have received a text message invite from Shere Surgery please call the reception team who will offer you an appointment.


If you have a flu vaccine booked, PLEASE keep the appointment. We will offer you the ability to book for Covid booster afterward.  This is important because we have a well-rehearsed strategy for flu which is super slick thanks to our awesome nursing team! The Covid vaccine needs to be entered onto a computer system that is separate to our GP system and the process is clunky so at best it needs 5 minutes to enter the data. It would create a huge admin burden if those already booked decide to cancel in order to opt for a dual vaccine in October.



From October onward we will offer joint vaccine appointments, factoring in time for the above admin.



We would like all of our eligible patients to be vaccinated on site. We know sometimes people go to a chemist to reduce the burden on us. Whilst we appreciate the sentiment, this makes it tricky as we have to order the vaccine stock a year in advance and estimate the numbers that will want the vaccine.  Aside from the financial implications to the practice, it is horrible to have to destroy wasted vaccine knowing there are unvaccinated people who would like to receive it.


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